Company Profile

Magnus Amusement Machines Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of an award-winning  group and a team of highly qualified technocrats is  the backbone  of  the Company. They promise,  besides  quality  and security,  a lot  of  thrill,  excitement  and entertainment to children  as well as adults. They inculcate a competitive spirit in the players and give an insight  into  the latest technologies and innovations of the modern world.

Magnus creates and manufactures games and rides for children from 6 months of age to teenagers and adults too. In other words they provide means  for Amusement and Entertainment to the entire  family  with their wide range of Coin Operated rides, Merry go-rounds,  Battery Operated Cars,  Striking Cars, Mini Trains,  Trains  for  Adults, Horror Ride, Paddle Boats, Bumper Boats, Aquabikes and many  adult rides  like Columbus, Tora Tora, Water-merry-go-round,  etc.
And  their  latest addition to this long list is their  range  of skill games, which are very popular with all age groups.

The  promoter  of  Magnus Amusement Machines  Pvt.  Ltd.  and  the managing director of the Company Mr. Amardeep Patheja is  a  self made industrialist who specializes in import  substitution. His endeavors  have been recognized and well awarded in the  form  of several  awards for import substitution and for being a self made industrialist including the National award for import substitution, IMM Bata Award, Udyog Patra, Shiromani award,  etc.   

Besides  Amusement,  Magnus Amusement Machines  Pvt. Ltd. ensure quality, safety, security and many years  of  creative  and relaxing entertainment.